Hands On:

Step 1: Setup Category Groups

1.1 Once in your program go to Program Settings and click Category Groups.

1.2 Click on Add Category Group.

1.3 Name your category group.

1.4 Once you've finished adding your category groups click Select under the action column for the row of the category you want to begin editing.

1.5 Go through all of your categories and update the category group to the appropriate designation.

1.6 Update the Category Group field to the appropriate designation. Click Save and then click Back to List.

Step 2: Configure Fields for Category Groups

2.1 Click on your program.

2.2 Click on Manage under Action.

2.3 Go to Round Settings and then click on Submission Form.

2.4 Click Select under Action for the row of the Question Page we want to edit.

2.5 Click on Manage Questions Form.

2.6 Click on Date field.

2.7 Update the Label.

2.8 Make required field and then click Configure Category Group Settings.

2.9 Change the drop down from Default to Hidden for both the Default and Undergraduate Category Group Name. Click Save and Return to Form.

2.10 Click Add Field.

2.11 Click the File Upload field button.

2.12 Update the Label and make it a required field.

2.13 Scroll to the bottom of the field settings and click on Configure Category Group Settings.

2.14 Update the drop down Action to Hidden for Default and Undergraduate Category Group Name. Click Save and return to Form.

2.15 Click on Add Field tab.

2.16 Click on the Radio List field button.

2.17 Update the Label and the Values. Remove the third Value as it is not needed.

2.18 Confirm Ok to remove the third value.

2.19 Make this a required field by selecting the Is this field required checkbox. Click on the hyperlink in front of the Yes input field.

2.20 Add a Dropdown field by clicking on Dropdown field button.

2.21 Update the Label and Values.

2.22 Make the field a required field and then click on Add Field.

2.23 Click the Date field button.

2.24 Update the Label, make a required field, click Save Form, and then click Back.

2.25 Click the hyperlink icon in front of the Other input.

2.26 Click the Multiline Text field button.

2.27 Update the Label, make a required field, click Save Form, and click Back.

2.28 Click Save Form and click Back.

2.29 Click Save Form.

2.30 Create a test submission from your Direct to Program URL.

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