Hands On: Configure General Pull Data

Step 1: Configure Python Script

1.1 In your program to to Submissions and then click Reports.

1.2 For the purpose of our tutorial we are going to clone the Completed Submissions report.

1.3 Rename your Report and click Save.

1.4 Add any necessary conditions you might have and when ready click on the Advanced tab.

1.5 Check the box to Enable Json Export.

1.6 Click Manage.

1.7 Click Insert Boilerplate.

1.8 Configure boilerplate script to delete variable items you will not be using. Next we need to create a variable for the Application ID so we know where this data is coming from. When ready click Insert Variable.

1.9 In the search box type application.

1.10 Click insert on the row for Application Code.

1.11 Click Save and Run Test.

1.12 Open the download file.

1.13 Copy the script.

Step 2: Validate Json

2.1 Go to the website www.jsonlint.com and paste your script. Next click Validate Json.

2.2 Review Json data to confirm it is the data you are expecting.

Step 3: Configure Code

3.1 Update the three constants you see in the PullData.cs file. The DOMAIN_NAME should be your domain name. The LICENSE_KEY should be obtained from OpenWater support directly. The REPORT_ID is obtained from your report's URL.

3.2 Start a new instance of your program. Once your program has ran copy the PullData URL.

3.3 Paste the URL in your web browser's address bar. When you see DONE your data has been successfully pushed to your third party application.

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