Hands On: Your Turn, Build That Form

Step 1: Create a Program

1.1 Go to Programs

1.2 Click Add Program

1.3 Click Start From Scratch

1.4 Add a Program Name

1.5 Click Save

Step 2: Navigate to the Form Builder

2.1 In Workflow under Action click Manage

2.2 Click Round Settings drop down and select Submission Form

2.3 Under Action for Applicant Information click Select

2.4 Click Manage Questions Form

Step 3: Build Form

3.1 Click on the Title field and update the Label from Title to Name

3.2 Uncheck the Display Only One Field check box

3.3 Type First Name in First Title and type Last Name in Second Title

3.4 Click on the Narrative field and update the Label from Narrative to Message

3.5 Click Add Field and select Email

3.6 Update the Label from Untitled to Email

3.7 Hold click on Email field and drag field above Message

3.8 Save Form and Click Close

Step 4: Set Open / Close Dates

4.1 Click Round Settings drop down and select Open / Close Dates

4.2 Add appropriate open / close dates for all required fields

4.3 Click Save and click Back

Step 5: Test

5.1 In the Market Programs box find the Direct to Program URL

5.2 Copy / paste URL into your web browser’s address bar

5.3 Make a couple test submissions

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