Hands On: Build a 3 Page Form

Step 1: Create a Program

1.1 Go to Programs

1.2 Click Add Program

1.3 Click Start From Scratch

1.4 Add a Program Name

1.5 Click Save

Step 2: Configure Categories

2.1 Scroll down program settings to find Categories.

2.2 Click Configure.

2.3 Click Add Category.

2.4 All categories require a Code and Name. Create a convention for your forms to follow. For example, we used the first three characters of the category Name as the Code.

2.5 Click Save and repeat the process for as many categories as you need.

2.6 Click Add Subcategory to the category you need to add a subcategory for.

2.7 Repeat the process of naming your subcategory and giving it a code.

2.8 Click save and repeat as many times as you need for your subcategories.

Step 3: Configure Submission Form Pages

3.1 Navigate to Scholarship Application Step by Step program.

3.2 Click Manage in the main workflow.

3.3 Click Round Settings and click Submission Form.

3.4 Click Add Question Page.

3.5 Give your new page a name and click Save.

3.6 Click Back to List and repeat the process of adding the pages you need.

Step 4: Configure Submission Form Fields

4.1 Click Select for the page you want to configure submission form fields on.

4.2 Click Manage Questions Form.

4.3 Click on Title. This is the Application Field.

4.4 Change the label to Name. Uncheck Display only one text field. Add First Name to First Title label and Last Name to Second Title label.

4.5 Click on the Category field and update the label to Scholarship.

4.6 Click Add Field and then click Email.

4.7 Update the label to Email and make the field required by checking the Is this field required box. Hold and drag the Email field above the Scholarship field.

4.8 Click Save Form and then click Close.

4.9 Click Back to List and Click Select under Action for the Upload Essay page.

4.10 Click Manage Questions Form.

4.11 Click File Upload field.

4.12 Update the label to Essay and provide a message in Details.

4.13 Check the Turn on Rich Text Mode box and then click Edit in the Details section.

4.14 Format text to however desired and then click on X in top right of the pop up.

4.15 Check the Is this field required box to make the essay required and scroll down on the right side to view more options.

4.16 Check Is this field scored box to allow this field to be scored by judges. Type Instructions for the judges to see. Change the scoring Type based on how you would prefer the judges to score. Click Save Form. Click Close.

4.17 Click Back to List.

4.18 Click Select under Action for the Confirmation page.

4.19 Click Manage Questions Form.

4.20 Click Separator.

4.21 Update the field label to Confirmation. Type Details.

4.22 Click Add Field and then click Digital Signature.

4.23 Update the label for the field to Signature. Click Is this field required to make the field required. Click Save Form and then click Close.

Step 5: Set Open/Close Dates

5.1 Click Back to List

5.2 Click Round Settings and then click Open / Close Dates

5.3 Enter Open / Close Dates for all required fields. Remember that if you are going to test your form, your Open / Close Dates must be current for you to be able to access the form. When done click Save and then click Back.

Step 6: Test

6.1 Copy the Direct to Program URL.

6.2 Past the URL in a new web browser's address bar. Now test your form.

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