Hands On: Create a new Program for Best Food of the Year

Step 1: Create a New Program

1.1 In OpenWater click on Programs.

1.2 Add Program.

1.3 Click Start From Scratch.

1.4 Give your program a Name and a First Round Name. When ready click Save.

Step 2: Configure Rounds

2.1 In your program's workflow click Configure.

2.2 Click Add Round.

2.3 Give your round a Name and select the Type of round you want. When ready click Save.

Step 3: Configure Categories

3.1 Select the first round of your program.

3.2 Go back to your program.

3.3 Under Categories click Configure.

3.4 Click Add Category.

3.5 Create a category Code and Name. When ready click Save. Continue to add as many categories needed for your program. We created Cereal, Snacks, and Frozen Foods.

Step 4: Configure Submission Form

4.1 Go back to your Program.

4.2 In your Workflow click Manage of your first round.

4.3 Go to Round Settings and click Submission Form.

4.4 Click Select on the Applicant Information page.

4.5 Click Manage Questions Form.

4.6 Move Categories to the top of the form. Click on the Title field.

4.7 Update the Title label to Name. Click on Narrative field.

4.8 Update the Narrative label to Description. Click Add Field.

4.9 Click Date field.

4.10 Update your label to Date Launched and check the box to make the field required. Then click Add Field.

4.11 Click File Upload.

4.12 Update your label to Thumbnail and check the box to make the field required. Check the box to turn on rich text mode. Then click Edit.

4.13 Give your applicants a message about this field and click the X when ready to close out.

4.14 Click Save Form. Close when ready.

Step 5: Configure Auto Scoring

5.1 Go to Round Settings and click Configure Auto Scoring.

5.2 Click Add New Auto Scoring Rule.

5.3 Give your rule a Name and a point value. When ready click Save.

5.4 Click Add Condition where appropriate.

5.5 Complete your condition criteria and click Save when ready.

Step 6: Configure Rank Options

6.1 Click Round Settings and then click Evaluation Form.

6.2 Click Delete.

6.3 Click OK to confirm delete.

6.4 Go to Round Settings and click Advanced.

6.5 Click on the Advanced tab.

6.6 Configure your score weights and select Ranking. When ready click Save and then Back.

6.7 Go to Round Settings and then click Rank Settings.

6.8 Update your value for top selection. When ready click Save and then click Back.

Step 7: Configure Public Voting

7.1 Change your round to the Public Vote Round.

7.2 Go to Round Settings and click Application Gallery.

7.3 Check to Enable Public Gallery and click Save.

7.4 Click the Application Visibility Conditions tab.

7.5 Review and modify if necessary for your program. Click on List Page Settings tab.

7.6 Check the box to Use Thumbnail and select the round, form, and field you will be using. Scroll down.

7.7 Configure options as necessary for your program. When ready click Save. Scroll back to the top.

7.8 Click on the Details Page Settings tab. Click on Render Settings.

7.9 Click Select.

7.10 Choose the fields you would like to be shown in your public gallery. When ready click Insert Selected.

7.11 Click Save and then click back on the General tab.

7.12 Check the box to Enable Public Voting. Enter your Open / Close Dates and click Save when ready.

Step 8: Configure Judges and Submissions

8.1 Go back to your first round.

8.2 Go to Round Settings and click Open / Close Dates.

8.3 Enter the Open / Close dates for submissions and judging. When ready click Save.

8.4 Copy your Direct to Program URL.

8.5 Paste it in a new tab or window and make some test submissions.

8.6 When ready click on Judging and then click View / Add Judges.

8.7 Click Add Judge.

8.8 Click Assign for the Judge you would like to add.

8.9 Click the number of unassigned submissions.

8.10 Select the submissions you would like to assign to that judge. When ready click Assign Checked.

8.11 Close out of the box by pressing the X and then click Overview.

8.12 Back to your Direct to Program URL click on My Judging Assignments.

8.13 Click Open for the program you want to view submissions.

8.14 Now you can select your top 3 as we configured for this round.

8.15 Back in your program go to Tools and then click Scores / Results.

8.16 Click Judging Results for View All Categories.

8.17 Select all of the submissions and click Set Forwarding Status.

8.18 Choose Forward to Next Round and click Set.

8.19 Select the Public Vote Round.

8.20 Go to Round Settings and then click on Application Gallery.

8.21 Click on the Gallery URL.

8.22 Now you can vote as a public voter.

8.23 Confirm your vote.

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