Hands On: Build Single Sign On with an AMS / CRM (C# Experience Needed)

Step 1: Configure Login Information

1.1 In your OpenWater dashboard click System Settings.

1.2 Click Login Configuration.

1.3 Click Use 3rd Party Corporate Authentication and complete the required fields with information that applies to your organization.

Step 2: Single Sign On Functions (C#)

2.1 Using the C# code below make sure that you update the OpenWaterHost and JwtSecret variables to match the inputs you configured above.

2.2 For testing purposes run your functions project in debug mode.

2.3 For testing purposes run your website project in debug mode.

Step 3: Custom Fields

3.1 In your OpenWater Dashboard click on System Settings and then User Profile.

3.2 Click Manage.

3.3 Click the Single Line Text field.

3.4 Give your field a name.

3.5 Right click on your field and then click inspect. (Please note we are using Google Chrome web browser)

3.6 Copy the data-fieldid.

3.7 Click Save Form and then click Close.

3.8 Back in C# code you will need to update the profileTextFieldData information with your matching data-fieldid and variable information.

3.9 Test your submission form to make sure your information populated correctly.

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