Hands On: Abstracts Collection

Section 1: Intake Event Registrations

1.1 We are going to complete "dummy" data. Click Register Now

1.2 If you see this window click Click here to Begin a New Submission

1.3 Complete the necessary information and click Add to Cart

1.4 Apply your discount to get the cart price to $0

1.5 Click Checkout

1.6 Since the cart is $0 you can skip payment method and click Finalize

1.7 This is an example of what a Call for Papers submission form looks like. The type can be the actual session type available for our conference

1.8 Additionally you can have a page on the submission form for detailed contact information

1.9 We also have a page for co-presenters to give credit for everyone who has worked on the paper.

1.10 You can add an additional presenter by clicking on Add Another Co-Presenter

1.11 Completed the necessary information and click Save.

Section 2: Judge Views

2.1 This is a view a Judge would see while they were scoring actual entries.

Section 3: Building a Session

3.1 View Proposals by clicking View.

3.2 Assign proposals to session by clicking Assign to Session. You can repeat this as needed to add as many proposals to the session as you'd like.

3.3 To delete a proposal click Flag. Select the radio button to alert the conference organizer and provide a message.

3.4 If you need to add additional item to session click Add Other Item to This Session. Select your Item and click Add to Session.

3.5 View of completed Session

Section 4: Co-Chairs

4.1 In the Session Chairs tab click Add Session Chair

4.2 Complete the necessary information and click Save

Section 5: Rename Session

5.1 In the Details tab update the Title to your desired name and click Save

Section 6: Build the Schedule

6.1 In the OpenWater Scheduler you can edit your conference schedule. The sessions on the left have not been scheduled.

6.2 If you want to see the full list including sessions that are on the schedule then check the box for Show Already Scheduled.

6.3 On the left you can click Click to Assign and the session is ready to be put on the schedule.

6.4 Find an open time slot and click the box to add it to the schedule.

6.5 If you right click on a box you can Set a Custom Start and End Time, Move to Another Time Slot, Unschedule, and/or Set Notes.

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